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Dec 14

Two Romantic Christmas Ideas To Bless Your Spouse

By Debi Walter | Romance

Two Romantic Christmas Ideas to Bless Your SpouseTwo Romantic Christmas Ideas for you to try or tweak to your own liking…

Number One:

Celebrate the 12 Days Of Christmas either leading up to the 25th or starting on the 25th. Think of your spouse’s favorite things and surprise them each day. Here are some ideas:

First Day – One baked hen (a romantic dinner to start the 12 days off right)

Second Day – Two turtle candies

Third Day – Three French kisses

Fourth Day – Four Calling Friends – arrange for four of your spouse’s faraway friends to call them at different times of the day. Or go to dinner with two other couples.

Fifth Day – Five Golden Rings – give them 5 of their favorite donuts.

Sixth Day – Six Geese A Laying – Share breakfast in bed with a three egg omelet for each of you.

Seventh Day – Seven Days of resting – spend time planning a week long vacation. If you can’t afford it right now, dream for your bucket list.

Eighth Day – Eight Milky Way bars – or their favorite candy.

Ninth Day – Take your lady dancing. Or watch an episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

Tenth Day – Give them “10 words a-speaking” of your love. Can you make a synopsis of your marriage in 10 words?

Eleventh Day – Eleven cupcakes with piped icing on top. Or think of something a little more sexy 😉

Twelfth Day – Twelve drummers drumming in almost 12 minutes…Watch this documentary about Drum Corps, titled 11 1/2 Minutes.

Number Two:

Give A Love Letter To Your Spouse using the titles or familiar lyrics of Christmas Carols.  It is sure to make your spouse smile!

Copy and paste this into a document and give it to your spouse via e-mail or snail mail.

See if they can find all of the Christmas Carols–there are a total of 24.

Make it really fun by giving them something special if they get them all right. 🙂

It came upon a midnight clear of what I wanted to give you, in fact it’s all I want for Christmas as well.

It started when I was rocking around the Christmas tree one silent night thinking of how to keep you from feeling a blue Christmas. Not that I mind the color blue, but a white Christmas would be better, don’t you think? I know you’re expecting nuttin’ for Christmas, which makes surprising you all the more fun.

When I was setting up our decorations, I found tucked away in a manger, something that gave me an idea. It was my Christmas wish from last year. What if I were to make a list and check it twice of all the highlights we’ve enjoyed together this year? We could read it together the night before Christmas while listening to the carol of the bells. As the jingle bells sound, I’ll look back on 2015 with wonder as I wander, and I pray you will as well.

I can’t wait for you to exclaim “Joy to the world! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!”

As we deck the halls with holly and ivy, it helps take away my fear of the grinch who stole Christmas a few years ago, ever coming back to our home for the holidays.

Honey, do you hear what I hear? It’s the sound of sleigh bells ringing and a reminder of all I want for Christmas. It’s to walk with you in a winter wonderland and remember gifts we’ve been given all year long.

I love you and thank God we get to celebrate another O Holy Night as husband and wife.

It has been a pleasure this year to share a monthly post about romance in marriage with you. I pray it has benefited you and given you ideas on what romance looks like practically from day to day.

I want you to know I count it a privilege.

If you would like more ideas for romancing your spouse at Christmas, check out my Romancing Your Husband and my Romancing Your Wife lists on our website. There’s something there for everyone.

Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year to you and your spouse!


Dec 03

19 Gift Ideas For Your Guy This Christmas

By Dustin | Romance

19 Gift Ideas For Your Guy This Christmas
‘Tis the season to find a special gift for husband…who refuses to give you any good ideas! 🙂

Are you shopping for your husband and can’t seem to think of a creative idea?

Here are 19 unique ideas to get you started in the right direction.

These all come from Amazon, so they are super-easy to get shipped right to your door.

Even if he already has one or more of the items listed, you may still find some options in the links below to give you the perfect idea for him, your Dad or your son!

The list isn’t in any particular order and prices range from ten dollars to over a hundred.

So whether you are trying to find a stocking stuffer or a the ultimate manly gift, this list should help you give your husband a gift he will enjoy.

Happy shopping!

Fit Bit

Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness, empowering and inspiring people to lead healthy, more active lives.  Fun gift for those husbands who are interested in fitness!

Kindle Paperwhite


Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift idea for those husbands that enjoy reading.  There are many types of Kindles to choose from, but this one allows the reader to use it even in the sunlight with no glare!  He can relax anywhere while reading his favorite book!




Amazon Echo is a fun gift for those who love technology! Using voice technology, it can share information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more–instantly!




Grill Tools are a great gift for the guy who loves to cook outdoors!  This set comes with a nifty storage case!




This Yeti Cooler is top of the line when it comes to chilling your drinks and food!



If your husband doesn’t need an entire cooler, this Yeti Can Coozie is the perfect personal sized gift for him!  He’ll thank you when his drink is still cold HOURS later!




Home Brew Kits are a popular gift.  Craft beers are all the rage right now, and making his own brand might be the perfect gift idea!



Art of Appreciation Baskets come in many different varieties.  From candy to meat to snacks, they’ve got you covered!

51PD7s40ZZL._SX522_Cologne is always a great gift.  This scent is refreshing and classic…you can’t go wrong!

816mOAjctSL._SL1500_Tervis Cups are a great stocking stuffer. The insulation makes sure your beverages stay the temperature you prefer.  Many styles to choose from!



A Bose Speaker is the perfect gift for the husband who enjoys listening to music!  This would be perfect if he is in his home office, working in the garage, or doing anything on his “honey-do” list!


Amazon Fire TV is a useful gift for the whole family! It allows you to listen to music, watch TV shows, movies, and even play games!


If you are searching for a personalized gift, this Engraved Titanium Ring may be it!  Lots of options available!61uYoMZXfpL._SL1500_Beats Headphones are perfect for the husband who likes to rock out! Many styles and colors are available!


Is your man high maintenance?  I’m sure he isn’t, but this Man Groomer may be the right gift for him if he is looking to increase comfort and save time!



Is your husband the Best. Husband. Ever?  If so, this might be the perfect stocking stuffer for him this year!



Copper Mugs are all the rage!  Perfect for those mixed drinks he likes to enjoy!


This Voice Activated Alarm Clock is the perfect gift for those guys who like technology…and have trouble with small buttons!



Is your house the party house?  Or does your family enjoy a dance party?  This iON Speaker works well for all of those! If you have a device with music and Bluetooth capability, your party awaits!


If you’re the wife, I hope this list gives you some great ideas to really spoil your husband…and if you’re the husband you have some new ideas for your wishlist!

What’s on your gift wishlist right now?  Share it in the comments to help other couples with some new ideas!



Dec 02

24 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife This Christmas

By Dustin | Romance

24 Glamorous Gift Ideas to Wow Your Wife This ChristmasThe Christmas season is here!

Are you looking for an awesome gift for your wife to let her know how much you care?

Here are 24 unique ideas to get you started in the right direction.

These all come from Amazon so they’re super-easy to get shipped right to your door.

Even if a particular item doesn’t fit your fancy, you may find some option from the links below to give you the perfect idea!

The list is in no particular order and prices range from ten dollars to over a hundred.  So whether you are trying to find a stocking stuffer or a big gift, this list should help you give your wife a gift she’ll love.

Happy shopping!


Leopard Print Infinity Scarf

Infinity Scarves are a fun way to spice up an outfit.  This particular scarf comes in many color combinations, so choose one that you think your wife would enjoy!

Knitted Infinity Scarf

Knitted Scarves are another trendy type of accessory.  These scarves come in many colors and can change the look of any outfit!

Space Dye Infinity Scarf

Chunky Infinity Scarves also add a cozy look and definitely keep you warm during the cold winter months!


Alex and Ani Rafaelian Silver Finish Initial Bangle

Alex and Ani Bangle Bracelets are so versatile.  These are meant to be worn stacked, so even if your wife has one, there are so many styles to choose from!

Bella Ryann Silver Plated Birth Crystal

Bella Ryann Bracelets are similar to the Alex and Ani ones, but are about half the cost.  No matter what your wife’s style is, a bracelet (or two) can be found for her!  These are available in silver or gold!


Hand Stamped Jewelry

Hand Stamped Necklaces can be personalized with the names of family members.  You can’t go wrong with jewelry!


Perfume is a gift for both of you!  This fragrance is a classic choice.


Coach Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a useful accessory!  This pair of Coach sunglasses are a trendy look this year.


Crossbody Purse

Crossbody Purses are both functional and stylish.


Weekender Bag

This Weekender Bag looks fantastic and would be useful when you take your wife away for a romantic overnight stay!


Fringe Bootie

Fringed booties are very stylish right now.  They look great with casual or dressy outfits.

Buckled Knee-High Riding Boot

Riding boots are a great accessory.  This taupe color is very versatile, so she can wear them with lots of outfits!


Tervis Cup

Tervis Cups are a fun stocking stuffer.  These are great quality and can be found in many different styles!

Insulated Wine Glasses

Insulated Wine Glasses may be the perfect gift!  These can keep her wine or champagne chilled while you relax together!



Keurig coffee makers are a fantastic kitchen appliance!  If your wife is a coffee lover, this may be just the ticket!


Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite is a great gift idea for those wives that enjoy reading.  There are many types of Kindles to choose from, but this one allows the reader to use it even in the sunlight with no glare!  She can relax in the sun while reading her favorite book!



Amazon Echo is a fun gift for those who love technology! Using voice technology, it can share information, music, audiobooks, news, weather, traffic, sports, and more–instantly!


Fit Bit

Fitbit designs products and experiences that track everyday health and fitness, empowering and inspiring people to lead healthy, more active lives.  Fun gift for those wives who are interested in fitness!


Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is a fun and useful gift for the whole family!  Lots of movies and apps.  Hours of entertainment!


Bluetooth Headphones

LG Bluetooth Headphones are comfortable and useful!  Whether she is working out or driving in her car, she can listen to music or talk on the phone with ease!


Coffee Mug

Best. Wife. Ever. coffee mugs make fun gifts, but also let her know what you really think of her.


Roomba robotic vacuums are a great way to help your family save time cleaning!  This means more couple time for you!


Luxury Robe

Luxury Robes are a fun gift to receive.  Especially if you give her a gift certificate to a spa or make her some homemade coupons to let her have reasons to use it!

Fleece Robe

Fleece Robes are a slightly less expensive type of robe, but can be given with bath salts, or other relaxation items!

If you’re the husband, I hope this list gives you some great ideas to really pamper your wife…and if you’re the wife you have some new ideas for your wishlist!

What’s on your gift wishlist right now?  Share it in the comments to help other couples with some new ideas!

Nov 19

5 Steps to Bring Back the Romance When Kids Bring Chaos

By Dustin | Romance

How to Keep the Romance Alive When Kids Bring Chaos (4)Imagine your finger is on a switch.

This “magic” switch will ignite a hot SPARK in your marriage anytime you choose.

At will and in an instant, you could connect like you used to and enjoy deep intimacy.

All distractions of being a parent, an employee and a house manager go away and you experience that Soul Mate connection just like you did in the early days.

The bad news is I don’t have a magic switch for you…

…but the great news is that you CAN recreate this spark in a few simple steps.

5 Steps to Bring Back the Spark Even When Life Is Chaotic

1. Let your priorities be known!

Your kids, friends, co-workers, church associates – everyone who wants your time – needs to know that your spouse comes first (or right behind God if you’re a fellow person of faith).

Getting what you desire in your marriage starts with using your time in a way that’s in line with your desires.

2. Share Couple Time every day

Even if it’s 10 minutes from a remote location, you must devote time to enjoying each other as a couple every day. Not as a parent and not as an iPhone junkie…as a couple.

Once this becomes a habit in your life, the doors to open communication and deep intimacy will be open to you.

3. No excuses date nights

You simply have to date your spouse. This doesn’t mean you have to buck up for a babysitter and an expensive meal out – a date night in after the kids are in bed will work like a charm.

When couples make date night (or day) a reality, romance flows naturally.

4. Take care of yourself

As a busy parent, you constantly put yourself last and sacrifice for your family. While sacrifice is admirable, feeling frumpy and lacking self confidence kills your mood.

If you want to feel great and share a strong sex drive with your spouse, start by taking care of your body and mind.

5. Communicate the smart way

When couples get into a “romance rut” it’s because their communication has broken down. This is not only sucky in the moment, but it’s a dangerous slippery slope towards deep problems.

Good communication takes real skill – but it’s easy to learn and the payoff is, to put it simply, the marriage of your dreams.

Let me read your mind. You’re thinking:

“Super, I believe that this is WHAT I should do. The hard part is I don’t know HOW to actually do it!”

You’re thinking this for good reason. You’re super busy and frankly this sounds tough.

You know it’s worth it, but you’re not sure you can pull it off.

How to Actually Make It Happen

We’ve created a special workshop that leads you, step-by-step through a proven system to bring back the excitement of romance in your marriage.

This training is fun, completely actionable and totally focused on getting you the deep communication and intimacy you crave.

This program is your SWITCH:

Click here to get access to the Bring Back the Romance program

Whether you find this program helpful to you or not, please make the effort to keep the 5 key actions above a consistent part of your marriage.

No matter how busy life gets, keeping these actions in focus will keep your romance and live and well!


Nov 09

7 Romantic Ideas For Struggling Couples

By Debi Walter | Romance

IMG_3617 (1)

Romance doesn’t come as naturally in marriage as one would think.

It’s similar to one in a canoe on the river.

Do nothing, and your relationship will drift.

It takes effort to go against the stream of life and romance your spouse.

Add to this struggles that are common in all marriages, and drift is nearly inevitable.

What can you do to forego it?

The answer is do something–any effort, no matter how small is going to help you keep from drifting apart even during the most difficult seasons.

I’ve compiled a list of struggles that we may or may not face at some point in our marriage. Along with each I’m providing a romantic idea you might consider to get romance in your relationship back on track.

I pray it will be a helpful tool.

  1. Financial Debt>>Plan an at-home date night that doesn’t require money. All you need is the time set aside without distractions.
  2. Illness>>Do something extra special to let your spouse know how much you care for them e.g. make them a hot toddy, diffuse an essential oil to counter their symptoms, fluff their pillow, buy them a special treat you know they’ll enjoy, give them the freedom and space to recover, watch something together on TV you know they’ll enjoy.
  3. Conflict>>Be the first to apologize. Make it sincere and thoughtful. Then, plan an evening of all their favorite things.
  4. Homesickness>>Plan an evening to celebrate all things from back home. e.g. Cook a special dish, watch a movie from their home town, reminisce together asking questions to help your spouse relive special memories, let your spouse know that you understand and care about how they’re feeling. Cheer them up in whatever way you know will make them smile. Plan a special dinner party to help relieve the sadness and build some new friendships.
  5. Parenting Problems>>Sometimes when our kids are causing a lot of tension in the marriage, it’s good to give each other a break. Give them a night out with friends or alone, whichever would mean the most to them. Not all romantic gestures include doing things together. It’s being thoughtful in a way that is special to your spouse.
  6. Job Stress>>Make a big deal of the weekend when it comes! Make a sign and put it in the garage saying “Welcome To Your Weekend!” Have their favorite celebration drinks and snacks available when they walk in the door. Plan some recreational activities over the weekend to help them feel as far away from their normal routine as possible.
  7. Boredom>>Plan a surprise and don’t tell them it’s coming; let discovering it be a part of the fun. Or you could tease them that something is coming, just to help them get out of the rut of boredom. Many times all it takes to get someone out of the doldrums is to blow a little surprising wind into their sails. When I’ve done this, I’ve enjoyed the surprise as much as Tom did discovering it.

The biggest part of romance is knowing your spouse well enough to anticipate their needs.

What is your spouse’s biggest challenge right now?

How could you help carry that burden for them? Once you answer that, then do it!

Your spouse will feel loved, and you can rest assured that your canoe will be heading in the right direction.

Viva la Romance!

Oct 27

15 Ways To Surprise Your Spouse And Keep the Spark Alive

By Dustin | Romance

15 Ways To Surprise Your Spouse And Keep the Spark Alive (1)At some point, almost every relationship will become stale and routine – but that doesn’t need to be the case for you.

Even the most fun and loving relationship can get dulled out by the daily stresses of life.  The reality is that our hectic lives require a routine to function.

But we have to protect against letting our interactions with our spouse become just another part of the routine.

A fantastic way inject some fresh life into your romantic life is to find ways to surprise your spouse and put a smile on their face.  A little happy moment can go a long way to restoring the spark in any relationship.

Pick one of these ideas and go put a smile on your husband or wife’s face today!

15 Sweet Surprises for Your Spouse

1. Dress Up
When couples get comfortable with each other, they often neglect their appearances. At least once in a while, dress up for your partner.

Putting effort into looking good for your lover can bring back that spark that brought the two of you together in the first place.

2. Love Notes/Letter
Sticking a love note into your partner’s pocket or purse is a great way to surprise him or her in a loving way that will help keep the spark alive in your relationship.

If you REALLY want to make a lasting impact, write your spouse a love letter.  Pick up one of our popular love letter templates to make it easy and make sure you hit the mark.

3. Be Spontaneous
As the years pass by in a relationship, couples often settle into a dull routine that can zap the spark right out of their love life. This is why surprising your spouse with a special, out of the ordinary activity you can do together can be a great way to put the spark back in your relationship.

4. Massages
Almost everyone loves a massage, and it’s even better when it’s a surprise massage.  Oh, and a romantic at-home massage has some major benefits for your marriage – check this post out for some awesome massage tips!

5. Try New Things
Why not take a cooking class with your spouse? Or take up some other new activity that neither of you know anything about.

Trying something new together can liven up your relationship.

6. Buy A Gift
A great way to surprise your spouse is by buying him or her a special gift. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, and it doesn’t have to be given on a special occasion.

7. Chores
If your husband usually mows the lawn, why not mow it for him one weekend? Taking over a chore usually done by your spouse can be a happy surprise.

8. Get Away
If you truly want to surprise your spouse and bring back the spark in your relationship, plan a relaxing weekend together away from the stresses of everyday life.

9. Relax
After a busy day handling life’s responsibilities, tell your spouse you want to spend some time relaxing alone with him or her. Even if it’s only a half hour a day, this time spent together can be a daily relationship pick-me-up.

10. Surprise Meal!
If your partner always handles the cooking, why not surprise him or her one night with a meal? If you don’t have very good culinary skills, you can always surprise your partner with take out.

This simple gesture can revive any relationship.

11. Good Morning
Each day, surprise your spouse with a good morning kiss. Not only will this keep intimacy alive, but it will start your spouse’s day in a happy way.

12. I Love You
Although you love your partner, you may forget to mention the words “I love you”. Every now and again, whisper these words in your spouse’s ear if you want to keep the spark alive.

13. Be Adventurous
If you are usually a very predictable type of person, shake up your romantic life by doing something with your partner that is out of your comfort zone.

Being adventurous can spice up any relationship.

14. Breakfast In Bed
Bringing your partner breakfast in bed is a perfect surprise that will help keep the spark alive in your relationship.

15. Picnic
If you really want to surprise your spouse in a fun and romantic way, surprise him or her with a relaxing picnic.

Unfortunately, relationships tend to become boring and predictable over time, and it requires effort by both people to keep things fresh and fun. The good news is that even simple, quick gestures can be incredibly powerful romance boosters.

Give one of these ideas a try today and enjoy the smile on your spouse’s face – and the romantic spark that’s renewed in your marriage!

Oct 12

Babies and Toddlers and Children, Oh My! (RE)Creation Date Ideas

By Debi Walter | Romance

Untitled design (1)We have had the privilege of having our daughter along with her four children (ages 18 months to 8 years) stay with us this past week.

It has been fun, loud and wonderful, but when it comes to romance it has pretty much taken a back seat.

Especially since our 3 year old granddaughter sleeps on the little sofa in our bedroom while she’s here.

It made me rethink what it’s like to romance your spouse when you’re in the throes of raising small children.

Everyone is different when it comes to what romancing your spouse looks like in the various seasons of life.

Tom and I are planning to go out for a nice dinner tonight, since it’s our first night without lots of little people calling us “Papa” and “Nana”.

If your kids are like most, you or your wife most likely hear “Mommy!” more times than she can count, and that’s just before lunch! Kids can wear you down and drain you of any and all creative energy.

But. You Must.Reset…

…for the sake of your marriage and sanity!

Here’s a date idea you may enjoy so much that you plan these types of dates on a regular basis, and I pray that’s the case. Your marriage is that important!

(RE)Creation Date Ideas

Take time to reconnect on a regular basis by revisiting the place in your heart where the two of you fell in love. Remember that the choices you made then are what paved the way for your crazy, wonderful life today. It’s true what they say, “It all started when two people fell in love.”

To begin with make a list of the things you used to do before you had children.

Choose those things that are like snapshots in your mind of that season of life. Maybe you played a lot of tennis, or met together at a favorite coffee shop; maybe you enjoyed meeting at a favorite restaurant for a drink after work; or maybe you took long walks together. Whatever those moments are that you cherish–“recreate” some of those same dates again and see if it doesn’t (RE)ignite some fresh passion.

The only rule is–No talking about children, work, ministry or church activities. This is your time to recreate some romance–and no one else is allowed. I encourage you to leave your cell phone on silent as well. If you haven’t been this intentional lately, you may feel awkward, but don’t give up. It won’t be long until you’re both remembering what you love most about your spouse.

May this be the beginning of something not-so-new, but oh-so-good!

Until next month…



Sep 14

Make Your Own Fall Bucket List For Two

By Debi Walter | Romance

Photo credit:

We’ve all heard of and may even have a bucket list. The idea stems from the movie of the same name and provides encouragement to be intentional in making the things you hope will happen in your lifetime a reality.

It’s no surprise that we need to be intentional in romancing our spouse as well. This is by far my favorite topic when it comes to writing about marriage.

Living in Florida we look forward to Fall more than any other season of the year. I think it’s because we get so tired of the heat and humidity that we’re ready for a change.

Maybe your marriage has been enduring some heat and humidity of its own. Maybe you need to look forward to some fresh Fall romance amid the cool Autumn breezes? Well, look no further…

How To Make A Fall Bucket List For Two

The checklist in the photo can be an easy way to start, but read below to find out how you can personalize your own romantic fall themed bucket list!

What you’ll need:

One sheet of card stock

Markers of different fall colors (orange, black, brown, green, red and yellow)

Fall stickers, if you like to embellish

A Computer (for reference purposes) or to create your bucket list as pictured above.

How to make it:

Start by researching the events happening in and around your area for September, October and November. Highlight any that interest you. You can do this alone as a surprise for your spouse, or you could turn the making of your list into a date night in itself. Either way, it’s sure to be a fun project.

Write the events on your sheet of card stock, using a different color for each event.

Add stickers to make your list more colorful.

Display your project in a place where you’ll both see if often.

The fun part:

Each week, or however often you decide, pick an item off of your list to do. See if you can get through the list before you celebrate Thanksgiving. You could even plan something big as a reward for finishing the list.

Need ideas? I’ve provided a list below to get your romantic ideas flowing. Of course, you’ll discover lots of great ideas on the internet that  you can add to the list.

The most important part is to make the most of every season in your marriage. What a blessing to have a best friend with which to celebrate all the changing seasons of life.

As a friend often says…Let’s Get To…

  1. Visit an apple orchard.
  2. Drink hot apple cider.
  3. Do a corn maze challenge.
  4. Go for a scavenger hunt in the country looking for: an orange leaf, an acorn, a pine-cone, a red leaf, a feather, etc…
  5. Listen to a live concert under the stars.
  6. Watch a movie under the stars.
  7. Go to a costume party or plan your own.
  8. Make s’mores over an open fire.
  9. Enjoy a night around a fire pit outdoors.
  10. Go to a football game.
  11. Carve a pumpkin together or compete making prizes worth it for the winner.
  12. Go horseback-riding or go on a hayride.
  13. Go square dancing, or any other types of dancing you enjoy.
  14. Go watch people dance if you don’t enjoy doing it yourself.
  15. Go antique window shopping or to garage sales.
  16. Have breakfast at your local farmer’s market.
  17. Go to an art festival or craft show.
  18. Eat candied apples.
  19. Enjoy a fondue for two.

Whatever you do, make sure you plan some romance this fall. We’ve waited a while to have nice weather outdoors again–let’s make the most of it!

A Fall Bucket List may end up being an annual tradition.

Happy Fall Y’all!


Sep 02

Hey, How Did He Know?

By Dustin | Romance

How Did He Know appIf you had all the time in the world and no schedule to live by, what would you do with it?

Would you travel the globe?

Work in your garden?

Read or write?

What about spending time with your spouse?

We all know that if schedules were as simple as simply doing what we wanted, life would look very different.

But, as it is, we all have responsibilities, jobs, social lives, children, errands…the everyday demands of a typical busy household.

So when I come across a resource or tool that helps me to simplify my life and get a few moments of time back, I grab on with two hands.

One resource that I’ve recently discovered and have been enjoying is the new app called “How Did He Know?”

The app—which aims to leave your wife asking ‘hey—how did he know…?’—is built specifically for men like me in mind. Men who, whether they want to be or not, are pulled in many different directions every day, but who still want to prioritize their marriages and relationships.

The app is really one of the first of its kind on the market.

Every day, I get a simple relationship tip delivered right to my phone. The tips are based off of information I provide about my wife and our marriage—like important days to celebrate, her likes and dislikes, and our stage in life.

But what I like most about the tips is that they touch on five hugely important categories, all of which we have covered here on Engaged Marriage, and each tip is quick to read and easy to act on.

So what kind of information am I receiving?

Every day is a different tip, and each tip covers one of the following areas:

• Intimacy
• Nutrition
• Physical Changes
• Emotions
• Lifestyle

From mood swings to sex drive to the best foods to serve after a long week, How Did He Know? helps me get right down to the actions, words, foods and things that my wife will love—and there’s not much to dislike about that!

Oh, and the really cool part is that the app can be “calibrated” to your wife’s fertility cycle…and the associated hormone changes that happen throughout the month.  As a couple that practices Natural Family Planning, we are REALLY excited by this technology!

Get On Board – Engaged Marriage Is!

The How Did He Know? app is available for download in the iTunes app store (just search for it). Right now, it’s just available for iPhone and iPad users, but it will be available for Android this fall.

Until then, check out the app’s website for updates or follow along on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I’m also excited to share that Engaged Marriage has become the first official content partner for the app.

That means you’ll soon see tips written by our team appearing in the app as well as exclusive blog content on the How Did He Know? site.


Aug 10

Back To School–It’s Not Just For Kids Anymore

By Debi Walter | Romance

Back to school…three little words that can be a relief to hear or a dreaded reminder that your kids are growing and need new clothes yet again!

Back to school shopping can be a stretch on any budget and the first ones to take a back seat during this budget crunch are usually the parents.

Urgent seasons tend to take our focus off of what’s most important–your marriage–and if you haven’t taken time to plan ahead for the crunch your marriage may go hungry.

Well, not to worry.

I’ve come up with a variety of ways to celebrate the back to school frenzy that won’t hurt your budget or cause your marriage to be neglected.

Take one idea a day and use to communicate in little ways how important your spouse is to you. Even if you don’t have time or money to go out on the town, you can still make the most of each season in meaningful ways.

I’ve broken them down into themes using the subjects of school as my inspiration. Who knows? Your spouse may look forward to school starting again after all. Why not shoot for straight A’s in all subjects?!


  • Using Post-it notes, write words of encouragement to your spouse. Leave them in places where they’ll find them and pray that it’s at a time when they need it most.
  • Buy a card and mail it to them to receive on the first day of school.
  • Give them a book they’ve been wanting to read and sign the inside as to why you chose it.
  • Read aloud to each other. Here’s a great book for teens and pre-teens with short stories that are enjoyable to hear.


  • Make a list of all your favorite firsts you’ve enjoyed together and give it to them on the first day of school.
  • Write them a love letter using Dustin’s guide for making it special.
  • Write adjectives that describe your spouse on the bathroom mirror or shower walls.


  • Come up with a Top Ten List of places you want to go or things you want to do when the kids are grown.
  • Add up all the things you appreciate about your spouse and tell them the sum of your thoughts.
  • Work a Sudoku puzzle together, or have a race and see who can do one fastest.


  • Most kids love this subject best, next to lunch. Plan a game night choosing from our list of romantic board games.
  • Watch a back-to-school movie from this list from Parent’s Magazine.
  • Pick a Fantasy Football team together and make plans to follow your team throughout the NFL season.

Don’t forget those 9 week report cards where you reward your spouse for all the ways they’ve achieved success in your eyes.

Back-to-School–It’s not just for kids anymore!

Until next time…

Keep Romancing!


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