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Apr 27

Tending the Garden: A Springtime Analogy for Making Marriage Work

By E.J. Smith | Help

8a6fc4d0-d3f5-4f23-a8ef-5cb11818ad05_zpsvbqub9bvAs the weather gets more temperate and lovely here in Texas, my husband and I have been spending more time outside tending to the landscaping of our home.  It all started two weeks ago because I had a “vision” of how I wanted our flower beds to look.

However when we went outside to start plotting, it quickly became apparent that we needed to do some heavy weeding and clearing out of old brush and debris before the ‘fun’ could begin. 

And after the surface weeding was done, we started trying to remove some of the plants from the previous owners.

What we discovered was that seemingly lithe green stems were attached to tangled, gnarly masses that took most of what was left of the daylight to remove.  And by the end of that first weekend— we didn’t have renovated flower beds.  We had giant gaping holes of dirt and a huge pile of debris for our bulk pickup the following Thursday.

Was I disappointed?  Sure thing.  I also felt a little silly.  See, I hadn’t really paid that much care to our flower beds up until that point, because I knew I wanted to make a change.  So I just didn’t bother with them.  And in my zeal to create something pretty and new, I completely neglected to see what was already there.  Thus completely miscalculating the amount of time it would take to address, and also probably creating more work for both my husband and I by not maintaining the beds— even if I didn’t particularly love them.

Your Marriage Is a Garden Bed

Sometimes I think we have a tendency to view marriage the same way.  We know there’s something about our current situation that we don’t like.  So, we read a book.  We search the internet.  We attend a marriage retreat.  We get great new ideas and set out to make a changes:

“We are now going to do date night once a week.”


“We’re going to have sex every day this week.” 

The problem is that often these plans, much like my own for our garden beds, do not take into account the weeds and underlying issues that haven’t been addressed, and that we’ve been trying not to look at because… well, they’re ugly. 

Sharing more physical intimacy, or going out on dates regularly are great ideas.  However, it might be difficult to be naked and intimate with someone when old hurts keep you feeling on guard. And setting high expectations for a romantic night out when you have barely spoken in months might be a recipe for disaster as well. 

In the Weeds

I know a lot of marriage and dating websites, included, try to make working on your marriage relationships look like fun.  And that’s a really great thing because proactively working on your marriage absolutely can be fun!  But sometimes, it’s not going to be fun.  Or, more accurately— sometimes in order to get to the fun part— you need to go through the not-so-fun part and have the difficult conversation so that you can get to the fun part and actually be able to enjoy the experience when you get there.

Pulling weeds out of my garden bed when I’d had something else entirely in mind that Saturday is not what I call a “good time”.  And when the weekend came to a close, by some accounts, our beds look worse than when they started.  The weeds weren’t aesthetic by any means, but the bare dirt and the gaping holes that you could see all the way from the street were worse.

Just the Weeds

Difficult conversations while dating, engaged, or married can be much the same.  From personal experience, I can say that I’ve left many a difficult conversation feeling raw, exhausted and completely humbled.  But there’s also something pretty amazing that seems to occur in the days  following those periods of rawness— our relationship flourishes.

I believe this largely has to do with the way in which these difficult conversations occur.  Difficult conversations about relationships need to be limited in scope to the specific issue(s) at hand. When possible, I like to recommend tackling one thing at a time— be that spending habits, cleaning up around the house, extended family, sex life, career concerns, or whatever.  The same way I didn’t pull out every single plant in my garden beds, but rather targeted the weeds— difficult conversations in marriage need to stay focused on the issue at hand and avoid the defensive tendency to go eye-for-eye with grievances.

Sometimes, it is going to be your fault.  Sometimes, you are going to be in the wrong.  Other times it will be a dual problem that needs both parties on board.  Instead of slinging mud back across the battle line of your relationship, sometimes its better to have it hit you square in the face.  Own your slice of the humble pie. 

Planting Flowers

Hopefully I haven’t beaten this flower bed analogy to absolute death just yet, because there is more to the story… 

This past weekend, I finally had the opportunity to plant my flowers & herbs.  Even just thinking about them makes me so happy.  As much as I didn’t enjoy the experience of delaying my plans by a whole week in order to clean out the beds, I realized this past weekend that without the extra cleanup and prep work, there would’ve been no room for these little plants to grow.  And now instead of fighting through debris, they’re able to flourish.

This is a similar reward to what couples can experience when they’re willing and able to work through the not-so-fun stuff as well.  Working on your marriage should be about more than just damage control!  And the way to break the perpetual band-aid cycle is to have those tough conversations. 

Your Turn

Do you find you and your spouse avoid conflict at all costs?

Is there a time when you had a difficult conversation with your spouse, and found that in the long run it paid off?

Did you try to have a difficult conversation that when horribly wrong?  And you’d do just about anything to avoid a similar experience going forward?

I want to know!  Next month we’ll be talking about more ways to approach those difficult conversations and some
specific techniques for navigating rough waters. 

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Apr 21

When Your Home Runs You…and How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed!

By Dustin | Household Management

Do you ever look around your house and wonder how things got so out of hand?

Bethany and I have struggled with “homemaking” since the earliest days of our marriage.

The Ultimate Homemaking BundleEarly on, it was all about trying to figure out who was doing what and splitting up chores.  But then…

kids came along and the household duties grew exponentially with each new child.

And after 14 years of marriage, the challenges never go away since our family’s needs continue to evolve.

The Dream…and The Reality

I definitely get overwhelmed with it all sometimes, but I think it’s especially hard on the wife of the home.

Bethany has told me that when she was a little girl, she dreamed about getting married, becoming a mommy, and having her own home.

She imagined a home that was more than just 4 walls, a roof, and a mortgage.

She wanted to make a special place that was a magical mash-up of:

• a school,
• a playground,
• a refuge,
• a boo-boo “fix it” station,
• a “you can do it” pep rally, and
• a safe place for personal expression, sharing and growth.

And then real life happened…

…laundry, diapers, stretch marks, and never-ending meal prep… money worries, gritty floors, soap scum, and the stain that won’t come out of our son’s favorite shirt… holiday stress, and teaching our daughters to read (and master long division)… a husband who works long hours, a kid with the sniffles, stomach aches and a fever… and a secret dream to run her own little business from home.

As rewarding as it is, homemaking is hard work and it doesn’t always come easily.

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

It turns out that we’re not born with all the knowledge and patience we need to keep a happy, organized and faith-filled home.

Nope, the truth is that Homemaking is a Skill!

And that’s awesome news because it means that you can learn to be a better homemaker and get specific help in those areas that cause you stress.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

This is a collection of the best resources in the world when it comes to homemaking, and we’ve used several of these books to help run our own house with less stress and more smiles.

What is the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle?


It is a complete library of 99 eBooks and eCourses to help you nurture the beauty and productivity in your home and family relationships.

Here are the topics you’ll see inside:

Cleaning… create a healthy, toxin-free home
DIY/Homemade… fun and frugal ways to express your personal style
Devotionals and Faith… take a break from the daily grind to renew yourself
Finances… build a budget that works
Cooking & Meal Planning… serve easier, tastier meals in less time
Holidays & Special Events… brighten up old family traditions and create new ones
Homeschooling… homeschool with grace and ease
Marriage… heat up your marriage
Motherhood… find peace, balance & joy in mothering
Organizing… conquer the clutter and simplify your life
Pregnancy & Babies… enjoy a healthy pregnancy and prepare to nurture your baby
Health & Wellness… soothe aches & pains with natural remedies, and
Working from Home… hone your talents, live your passions and earn money to help your family

And for a limited time, the price is only $29.97. (A total value of $984.74.)

That breaks down to 30 cents per book… a full 97% discount! (And yes, everything is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.)

77EbooksThere are also some amazing bonuses from generous, inspiring companies that understand homemakers like you.

Every gift is yours to enjoy.

I wonder which one will be your favorite?

Even if you only want a few of the nearly 100 books in this bundle, it’s still an incredible value.

And you can always share the others with friends or save them for a time when they’re just what you need – because we all know how unpredictable life can be on the home front~

But this bundle is only available for a very limited time…

Plus An Extra Bonus for Engaged Marriage Readers

As if the massive value provided by this bundle wasn’t enough, I want to sweeten the pot a little more and make sure you get the Marriage help that you need.  Plus, when you purchase the bundle through my special link, I get a referral bonus so it’s a win-win.

So, when you pick up the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle this week, I’m going to give you a FREE copy of our popular 15 Minute Marriage Makeover Premium Edition.  This includes the book plus some amazing bonus materials (a $16.99 value) – you can see the details here.

To claim your bonus, just purchase the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle through this link.

Then forward your receipt via email to me at Dustin [at] and we’ll get you hooked up!

IMPORTANT: The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle will only be available from 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, April 20 until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, April 27 so pick it up now while you’re thinking about it.

Apr 20

The Sexiest Thing You Can Do For Your Wife…

By Julie Sibert | Sex & Family Planning

It may look like this post is just for the guys.

But I encourage you wives to read it as well.

sexiest-thing-you-can-doNot long ago on my site, I did a post titled The Sexiest Thing You Can Do for Your Husband.

The attention that post received got me thinking that doing sexy things is an equal opportunity proposition.

So guys, let me start with the disclaimer that obviously I don’t know your wife and what she specifically finds sexy.

(Hint. Hint. That’s your cue to read this post as a springboard into studying the woman you do life with and figuring out what turns her on.)

As for you wives reading this, please know that if your husband is like many husbands, he wants to turn you on… in the way you want to be turned on.

But you have to be willing to be turned on.

If you regularly shut him down sexually or don’t help him learn what you find arousing, then he pretty much feels like he just can’t win.  And he is the guy who won your heart way back in the day, which you probably found soooo attractive.  (Ironic. I know.)

Guys, you may think I’m going to say that the sexiest thing you can do for your wife is to help out around the house more.  But you know, I’m just not so sure that “chore play” is the best foreplay.

You’ll hear jokes about how a woman has never found her husband sexier than when he’s vacuuming or scrubbing the kitchen floor.

Those things may have some impact if “acts of service” is one of the ways she receives love.

But do those things really make her want to get naked with you?

Hmmm. I kind of doubt it.

The sexiest thing you can do for your wife is more likely rooted in connecting with her emotionally.

I know.  That is a mantra tossed around a lot in the world of marriage enrichment.  And you may be tired of hearing about emotional intimacy.

Interestingly, though, as someone who blogs about sex in marriage, I find that most husbands really want the emotional connection too.

Sex is never just about sex.  I’ve yet to hear from a husband who is eager for his wife to offer the use of her body but never the revelation of her soul.


Duty sex loses its appeal almost from the get go, especially if duty sex is the only sex on the menu.

The sexiest thing you can do for your wife is to genuinely be her friend and hunger to know her emotionally.

This isn’t about being to her the same type of friend her girlfriends are to her.  Friendship in a marriage is different than other friendships, but still equally needed (and, in some ways, more needed than what we share with our other friends).

And wives, this is where you need to embrace a bit of wisdom:

If he is genuinely trying to connect with you emotionally, and your gut reaction is to see his attempt as nothing more than a ploy to get sex, you are hurting your marriage. (Or maybe you are sabotaging intimacy by telling yourself these three lies.)

Sadly, in too many marriages, the “sexiest things” a husband and wife do for each other have become a system of bartering.

My guess is that’s not really what you want for your marriage — emotionally or sexually.

Possibly you are reading this right now and you are thinking, “I’ve given up on trying to figure out what my spouse finds sexy.”

Or possibly you know what your spouse finds sexy and you have slacked off in pursuing them the way you used to.

Or maybe you both do want more sexual intimacy, but you both feel so exhausted.

No matter the camp you are in, I encourage you to get courageous for the sake of your marriage. Invest not only in expressing what your spouse means to you, but also in asking for the emotional and sexual intimacy you need.

The sexiest thing you can do for your wife?

I’m not sure. You know her better than me.

Maybe cleaning the kitchen floor will make her want to enthusiastically pull you into the bedroom. Or maybe — just maybe — there are other levels of intimacy she’s hungering for you to explore.

Husbands, will you try?  Wives, will you believe him when he tries?

Sex is never just about sex.

Apr 13

Time For A Romantic Tuning?

By Debi Walter | Romance

Photo Credit:

I’ve inherited my parent’s player piano, something for which I’m grateful because of the memories it holds for me.

But when I play it something is wrong, very wrong. The notes seem off a bit, and they are.

After moving this heavy piece from my Mom’s home to ours it lost it’s tune. I can put in a roll of one of Dad’s favorite songs and it sounds as if it’s dragging, even the upbeat tunes sound tired and worn out.

The good news is this old piano hasn’t lost it’s music, it just needs a tune-up. Once the keys have been set to their proper pitch the old songs will be like new again.  How do I know? I’ve had it tuned before and the process is fascinating.

This is like marriage as well.

Life has a way of beating us up all day long, then putting us back in our homes as the sun sets, exhausted and weary. We do what we can to connect in the short time between dinner and bedtime, collapse in each other’s arms only to repeat the entire process again tomorrow.

It’s hard to be in tune with each other when we’re being pulled in different directions all day long. This is why being intentional in romancing each other is a must.

Have you lost your ability to express your love in thoughtful ways?

I’m certain you haven’t lost your ability, you simply need a tune-up, so to speak, to get the music of romance sounding lively once again.

We all need this and this is why I write about romance in marriage here each month. It’s sort of like a monthly tune-up.

There are 88 keys on a standard piano, and each one has it’s own note to play.

It can’t be tuned to sound like the note next to it or there would be no harmony. Each note is unique to itself, yet it has a place among all the other notes. So it is with date nights and romantic kindnesses. Each one is unique and provides a new depth to the harmony of our marriage. It is a gift to be able to reach the place in your relationship where you make beautiful music together, to borrow an old adage.

How is the music in your marriage?

Is it tired and weary? Maybe it’s time to do some research and discover what area of your spouse’s life needs attention. It could be encouragement on how they’re doing in the parenting department. It could be they need to lighten up and spend an evening laughing. It may be a night of dancing together would do the trick.

The key is (pun intended) to find out what your spouse needs to remind them of your love and care, and then do all you can to make it happen.

Last year I hosted a ladies retreat and one of the ladies who came did so because her husband insisted. They have 6 children whom they home-school, so she was obviously in need of some alone time with girlfriends and with the Lord. This retreat provided both. Her husband sending her away for a week  in the mountains was more than enough for her to know he loved her, but he didn’t stop there. A couple of days into the retreat she received a delivery from the UPS truck. It was a box of her favorite pumpkin spice coffee creamers because he knew how much she enjoys an afternoon treat. She was overwhelmed at his thoughtfulness, but he didn’t stop there! Yes, two days later the UPS truck pulled up again with another package for her. This time it was a beautiful afghan to wrap herself in as a warm hug from home. All the ladies oohed and aaahed. I’ll never forget the look on her face. This dear wife was the recipient of thoughtful and romantic gifts of love from her adoring husband. The gifts didn’t cost that much, but what they expressed to her was priceless.

When was the last time you purposed to bless your spouse in this way?

Take some time and study where they are struggling right now. Listen and pay attention, like those who tune a piano. See which notes are in need of tweaking, and then do something creative to show your love and care.

This is what a healthy marriage looks like, and when we play together in such perfect harmony, our children will notice and want to join in the song.

While I’ve been writing this post, I keep thinking of the lyrics of an old song by Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder titled, “Ebony and Ivory.” Listen to the lyrics and apply it to your marriage. I always say there’s a song for everything…this one is another example. Oh, and guys–don’t forget Mother’s Day is approaching soon. Why not start planning something special now. Check out our ideas here.

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Apr 07

5 Awesome (and Worthless) Ways to Improve Communication in Your Marriage

By Dustin | Communication

5 Awesome (and Worthless) Ways to Improve Communication in Your MarriageSo, what’s the #1 thing most couples say is the key to a happy marriage?

Communication. Duh.

And of course it’s become the cliche, go-to response from grandparents when the video camera comes around at every wedding reception for good reason.  It’s true!

Good communication skills impact every single aspect of your relationship – from how you handle money to how you raise your kids to how you make your kids 🙂 – there’s just no way around it.

So, I think we can all agree that communication is vital to a healthy and happy marriage.

Want to Communicate With Your Spouse Like the "Good Old Days"?

Then don't miss our special announcement at the end of this post!

5 Awesome Communication Tips from Veteran Couples

That said, when’s the last time you’ve given your own approach to communication with your spouse any thought?

If you’re like me, it’s been a while – like most important things, it’s entirely too easy to lose sight of in the face of other more “urgent” matters.

Well, I was thinking about it recently, so I reached out to the smartest group of people I know for some advice.

Here are 5 fantastic tips they shared when asked what advice they’d give to newlyweds:

1. Under-communicate criticism.  Over-communicate praise.

2. Make your body language and your words match.

3. Always fight fair and remember you can’t take back hurtful words.

4. Use “I” statements, not “you” statements.

5. Don’t share your spouse’s faults with your family and friends.  You will soon forgive, but they may not.

How great is that?  These tips are 100% spot-on and I love them.

There’s just one problem.

Why Those Awesome Tips are Worthless

I love good marriage tips and posts with lists of Top 5 Ways to do stuff (like this one) as much as anyone.

They’re often inspirational and make us feel good when we read them.  Heck, we may even remember one or two quips to pass along to a young couple.

The problem is wonderful tips like these rarely impact your marriage in any real way.

You read them, nod and go back to doing the exact same thing in your life.

I’m not criticizing – I’m the king of the “nod and go.”

The truth is that it takes a little more effort to make a lasting and valuable improvement in your relationship.

Here’s a few reasons why reading top tips doesn’t help much and what you can do instead.

  • You Need to Invest

The reality is that you need to invest in training to make it stick.  This can be in the form of focused time or money, preferably both.

There’s free information on every topic under the sun available on the Internet, but quick and free advice rarely makes a meaningful impact.  It’s only when you’ve got some “skin in the game” that you take what you learn to heart and make it count.

  • You Need to Take Action

I’d say this is the biggest problem most of us face when we learn something valuable, and it’s tied directly to the lack of investment we have in the advice.  You can get the best marriage-boosting tips in the world, but it means nothing if you don’t act on it.

Those who take action on mediocre ideas will get infinitely more results than those that take no action on the best ideas.  If you want to improve your marriage, do something (real) about it.

  • You Need Some Real Support

This is the final area where people fail when it comes to learning and growing.  The reality is that sometimes we need some personal attention from a trusted expert to see results, and it’s always really beneficial to be part of a community.

With a sense of community, we get inspired to take action and there’s a sense of accountability.  Of course, the best accountability is a spouse who is walking alongside us in our journey to being the best husband or wife we can be.

Here’s What You Can Do Now to Make a Real Improvement In Your Marriage

I’m not going to go all Debbie Downer on you and leave you hanging here.  I’m going to tell you what you can do to make a lasting impact for the better – and it’s pretty darn easy.

Last year, I was trying to help a reader with an issue related to communication.  It was a pretty common question that I’ve seen many times.

I was starting to give her a similar answer that I’d given others in the past.  As I was typing my necessarily limited email response, it hit me – this is awesome advice that’s not going to be useful at all.

She needed more than my short “tip-type” response could offer.  She needed a full answer with practical action steps provided in a setting that required focus and investment on her part.

And frankly, she needed it from someone other than me.

Well, I should say my perspective was good, but adding in the perspective of a true communication expert was exponentially more helpful.

So, that’s where the idea of the Engaged Marriage How-To Workshop series was born.  I host a workshop accompanied by a guest expert on a very specific and highly important topic.

We present very practical, action-oriented info that benefits married couples.  Plus, we answer personal questions during the event and usually have bonus materials (like books) to maximize the help they receive.

We’ve completed five of these How-To Workshops on various topics so far, and the results and feedback have been tremendous!

Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage [SALE]

Our most popular How-To Workshop was one on communication called How To Communicate Your Way to a Better Marriage (Talking Optional), and we’ve made it even better with new bonuses and more convenient ways to use the training (video, audio and full text transcript).

As we bring it out of the vault (you know, like a Disney movie), we decided to have a Kick-Off Sale this week – you will save 35%!

I was joined for this workshop by my go-to resource when it comes to healthy and helpful communication, Dr. Corey Allan.  Corey is a marriage and family therapist, and he’s also a father and a husband for over 20 years.  He’s awesome.

This communication workshop is practical, actionable and it will impact your marriage for the better.  We actually guarantee as much.

So, if you’re ready to invest in your marriage and take solid action to be a better communicator with your spouse (and everyone else), you should definitely check out this workshop. 

And there’s no better time than right now during our big sale.

Click Here for Instant Access to the Communication Workshop!Communication Workshop SALE

Apr 06

Make Better Purchasing Decisions with the Power of 10-10-10

By Kim Hall | Finances & Careers

make better purchasing decisions with the power of 10-10-10Every so often you hear or read about an idea so simple and useful that you automatically add it to your life “toolbox”:

Using the 3 Door Rule for more peace of mind in a situation

Implementing the Five Why’s to get to the bottom of an issue

Remembering there’s a pony in there somewhere when the going gets difficult.

Last fall I read the book 10-10-10: 10 Minutes, 10 Months, 10 Years, A Life-Transforming Ideaby Suzy Welch, and my entire family picked up another powerful tool that changed the way we make decisions in all areas of our lives.

The concept is to make decisions by deliberately considering their consequences in the immediate present, near term, and distant future.

It is a reliable and methodical way to arrive at a sound decision that really works, yet takes into consideration your emotions, feelings, and values.

Here’s how to make better purchasing decisions with the power of 10-10-10

Begin with a question. You’ll want to define and refine this so you know exactly what problem you want to fix.

Recently I had had it with our side-by-side refrigerator. It came with the house we bought last year and runs just fine, but it doesn’t hold much, particularly in the freezer section. I began to dream about a shiny new French door model, and actually shopped a bit with my husband, but then caught myself. What problem was I trying to solve?

After doing some brainstorming, I realized the problem was more about my irritation and dislike of side-by-sides because I have to be more careful about how much I purchase or cook so I do have room to store it.

The question then became this: Can we buy a refrigerator we’ll love, that will meet our needs, that is within our budget?

Move onto the information collection to determine options.

For us, that meant figuring out what our optimum storage needs would be and gathering information on pricing. It also meant looking at buying used, as well as what it meant to keep our existing fridge.

Determine the short and long term effect of each option.

This is where the 10-10-10 comes in. The first 10 is the present and could represent today, tomorrow, next week.

The second is that point in the foreseeable future when the initial reaction to your decision has passed but its consequences continue to play out in ways you can reasonably predict. This could be 10 days, 13 weeks, 8 months, depending on your situation.

The final 10 is quite a distance out—so you’ll estimate the effects in more vague terms.

We determined the effects of our options thusly:

The present: We’d have an awesome new fridge that went way over budget, or we’d buy a used one and stay under budget, or we’d keep the one we have until it dies. We’d have plenty of space for storage if we bought something different.

Near future: In about a year, the effect is still the same, although each passing year means the existing unit could stop working. If we bought new, we may really need that money we had to take out of another part of the budget to cover the shortfall in the refrigerator budget, and that might create some hardship.

Future: In five years, we wonder how our need for storage may change, especially since we’ve had closer to three to four persons living here most of the time rather than just the two of us. Also, we’d like to remodel the kitchen and realize the plan would have to work around the newer refrigerator. If we wait, we can save more money and buy what we want and need, assuming the existing unit lasts. That’s a calculated risk we’re willing to take.

Analyze the information alongside your values

Once we started to analyze the effects in concert with our values, the decision was incredibly easy to make.

Living within a budget has given us so much more peace of mind and freedom than we used to have because we are not spending endlessly and mindlessly.

We deeply value our debt freedom, our commitment to be wiser with our finances, and to be great role models for our family.

wanted a new refrigerator, I did not need a new refrigerator.

We already owned a good used refrigerator, so we decided buying another used one at this time was silly.

We weren’t willing to buy a new refrigerator unless we loved it and it met our current and potential future needs, and we couldn’t do that in the budget we had.

So, the old refrigerator still hums along in the kitchen, but I don’t hate it anymore.

I love that it runs the way it should so that we can continue to save towards a different one down the road.

Sound decisions create a life you love and can live with

When you make your decisions using this process, you will come away with a solution that really works and with which you are really comfortable.

Every time each of us uses 10-10-10, we are thrilled with how it slows the adrenaline rush to buy just enough so you can make a decision that works for today and for your future.

Once you start using 10-10-10, you’ll discover it can be applied in all areas of your life including work, friend and family relationships and responsibilities, marriage and parenting, and finances, and eventually becomes an automatic part of your decision making process.

I highly recommend reading the book for more information and insight!

Comment: What decision can 10-10-10 help you make today?