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Dec 28

How Technology Impacts Modern Marriages

By Dustin | Communication

Note: This is a guest post from Laura James in Australia.

Today it seems like modern technology has infiltrated nearly every aspect of our lives, both the personal and the professional.

But what exactly does this mean for the modern marriage?

With divorce rates on the rise across the globe, we hear a lot of discussion about the negative effects of our techno-dependence. But what about the positives?

Let’s get to the bottom of it and take a look at the ways the internet, online dating, social media and smartphones are shaping marriages and relationships today.

Bringing people together

We constantly hear complaints that technology, despite good intentions, leaves us feeling more isolated than truly helping us to connect.

But what do the statistics tell us? When it comes to bringing people together, technology has never before played a bigger role than it does today. According to a survey carried out by the dating experts at eHarmony AU, an incredible 1 in 10 people have found love via the Internet.

With our busy lifestyles, few of us have the time, the funds or the confidence to hang around in bars waiting to bump into Mr. or Mrs. Right. Instead, thanks to the Internet and the rise of online dating, people are able to meet like-minded singles no matter how busy their schedule is.

And now with the boom in smartphone technology, people are able to get online, access their dating profile and start looking for love no matter their location.

Saying those special words

Survey results have also shown that thanks to the boom in technology people today have greater confidence when it comes to expressing their feelings.

More and more people across Australia are being told “I love you” for the first time via email and social media sites, such as Facebook.

Last year in NSW alone, 1 in 10 people heard the special news via an email. While for people who are dating in Melbourne, 1 in 7 Victorians have said the words through a text message.


Covering the distance

In today’s globalized and ever-changing society, very few marriages are completely the same.

It’s not uncommon for our careers to take people to the other side of the country, or even to the other side of the world. Technology has been invaluable in keeping marriages together across huge distances that would previously have been impossible to negotiate.

Programs like Skype also give couples the next best alternative to each other’s company: the chance to see and hear each other for free. More immediate than snail mail and more affordable than international phone calls, technology is invaluable for keeping marriages together no matter what the distance.

Knowing when to switch off

Like all things in life, you need to set boundaries in order for technology to play a healthy role in your marriage.

It’s important to draw a clear line between our work and our home lives, which means switching off the Blackberry and ignoring your evening emails.

Be sure to give your partner your complete attention when you interact and leave your mobile phone in your handbag to avoid sending texts or playing on apps.

Dec 18

Winners of the Go Improve Yourself contest – and much more!

By Dustin | Communication

Hey, it’s Dustin here.  I just opened the doors to Go Improve Yourself – be sure to click here to claim your spot.  The first 15 members are getting something VERY special.

I hope you’re getting ready for a wonderful holiday with your family with an eye towards making 2013 your absolute best yet.

I have two big things to share with you today:

1. The winners of the Go Improve Yourself contest

2. Exactly what Go Improve Yourself IS and how you can take advantage of it

The Main Purpose of Go Improve Yourself

The main purpose of Go Improve Yourself is to show you (side-by-side with me) exactly how to find more time, get motivated, set and meet goals quickly, and experience the incredible power that achievement in one key area will bring to your entire life – especially in your busy marriage.

I decided to lead a small group of 50 people to new levels of success in 2013 by walking with you step-by-step through the goal achievement system that I originally created for myself and then used with great success to help friends, family members and private coaching clients.

Here’s how your life will improve in just 30 days when you join Go Improve Yourself:

  • You’ll gain clarity by creating a personal success plan for 2013 and establishing what’s most important to YOU.
  • You’ll get focused by selecting ONE (and only one) area of your life to improve together in the month of January.
  • You’ll finally find the deep-rooted motivation you need to make real progress that sticks.
  • You’ll learn to Master Your Time and enjoy more time and margin in your busy life (this alone is worth more than the price of admission).
  • You’ll experience the joy of making real progress on a goal that may have eluded you for years – weight loss, paying off debt, rekindled romance – the choice is yours.
  • You’ll have the power of Accountability to drive you forward to success – both from my leadership and your fellow GIY participants.

Over the course of our 30 days together, you’ll learn how to do everything above as a repeatable process that will allow you meet any goal, develop healthy habits and enjoy living intentionally for the rest of your life.

That’s the essence of Go Improve Yourself, and I’m super excited to share it with you – enrollment for Go Improve Yourself is now open.  Be sure to click here to claim your spot before they’re all gone!

What Go Improve Yourself Can NOT Do

I want to be clear that this program is NOT therapy or counseling.  As I read through some the entries to the contest, I was very moved to see some members of our community really struggling with serious issues like depression, addiction and abuse.

I am not a therapist, and if you are dealing with serious issues like these, I strongly encourage you to seek professional help.

Please do not join GIY if you are in need of counseling or therapy to deal with serious issues that are best addressed by professional services.

Examples of What You CAN Achieve in this Program

Go Improve Yourself is a catalyst for living intentionally. 

If you feel like you have no time, you struggle to set priorities and achieve goals, and you are ready to make 2013 your best year yet, you’ll love this program.

I know first-hand that achieving seemingly unrelated goals like losing weight or paying down debt can absolutely improve the quality of your marriage and family life.  And working on setting aside quality time and romancing your spouse with intention are fantastic goals.  This program will absolutely help you make these important goals happen in your life.

The beauty of GIY is that you will choose an area of your life that YOU want to improve (and I’ll help you choose).  While the possibilities are endless, here are a few goals that are definitely a great match for the program:

  • Losing weight
  • Eating better
  • Running a half marathon (I’ll be working on this personally during our time together)
  • Paying off debt
  • Saving more money
  • Starting a side business
  • Working toward a promotion at work
  • Rekindling romance in your marriage
  • Increasing the intimacy with your spouse
  • Reducing stress
  • Quitting smoking or cutting back on drinking
  • Spending more quality time with your kids
  • Getting more engaged in your faith life
  • Learning a new skill like playing guitar (if Santa brings the right gift, I’ll be focusing on this in 2013 too 🙂 )
  • Cooking more meals at home

In most cases, I have first-hand knowledge in all of these areas (although I’ve never smoked).  So, I can certainly point you to amazing resources specific to your needs as part of our time together.

That said, Go Improve Yourself is all about the framework and learning a process that works for meeting any achievement in your life that matters to you.

You can tackle any goal using this program, and once you learn it for yourself, you can apply it to the next big item on your “to achieve” list throughout 2013 and beyond!

To claim one of the 50 spots in the program, be sure to click here to sign up before they’re all gone!

Announcing the Winners of Our Go Improve Yourself Contest

We had SO MANY ridiculously good entries into our contest.  Be sure to click here and read them all, and leave a comment below thanking all of the participants.

Thank You for all of the amazing and thoughtful entries!

Picking *two winners* was extremely difficult.

But after lots of reading and getting input from Bethany, I chose the winners late last night.  I decided to go with one person that has more “concrete” goals in mind and one who can use more help choosing their right path.

After all, GIY will help you whether you know exactly where to go or you just know you want to move forward but can use some help holding the compass. 😉

Winning Entry #1: Stephanie

I would LOVE to be one of the winners.

Go Improve Yourself could help me and my marriage in 2013 by giving me the courage to go out and find more piano students. I have some idea of what it will take to do that, but I lack the self-confidence I need to really accomplish it.

We need the extra income from three to five more students to help us put our Baby Emergency Fund in place, and then to turn right around and put that money onto our debts. I just responded to a post on another blog about savings, because the author was suggesting that people should try to live on 80% of their income, tithing and saving the other 20%.

That’s just not feasible for us right now, but I would love to get there, and one way I can do that is by starting this piano teaching business. I have one student already, and I have some idea of how to get more, but as I said above, I lack the self-confidence I need to take the next step.


Winning Entry #2: Tim B.

I think that “Go Improve Yourself” can really help me in 2013 because I am notorious for making lofty goals and leaving them unfulfilled.

I’m a husband, a father of four girls and a pastor of a local church… so too often my life seems to be driving me rather than me (through God) driving it.  There is a constant concern and struggle to provide for the family and make ends meet so that meeting my personal goals gets pushed to the margins.

I have a number of goals, like writing a book, publishing a journal article, and renewing my Greek and Hebrew language skills that have been pushed off several years in a row by the “tyranny of the urgent.” Church life and family life are often intermingling, which can lead me to feel like neither are excelling.

This stress tends to boil over into my marriage. I would love to control the tension and stress that life creates rather than being controlled by it.

But I need more than a plan, I need action. I need to generate momentum.

It sounds like “Go Improve Yourself” is just the tool.  I believe using your program would help my marriage thrive again. I would love to finally meet these goals by re-engaging in life and marriage.

Tim B.


Congratulations again to our winners, and I’m excited to help you achieve what you deserve in life.  If these are your entries, I’ll be in touch real soon.

If not, I hope you’ll consider joining Stephanie and Tim to create your own success story for 2013.  Be sure to click here to claim your spot before they’re all gone!.

By the way, I have something VERY special for our first 15 members – so don’t miss it.

Dec 13

How to Do More of What Matters In Your Life

By Dustin | Communication

Don’t just get more done, Do more of what matters in your life.

Your life is super busy.  You certainly have no problem finding things to do.

There are literally hundreds of books, programs and “productivity coaches” out there to teach you how to get things done, manage your time and be more productive.

However, I’m a firm believer that doing more for the sake of doing more is not only a waste of time but a huge mistake.

No, you want to do more of what matters in your life.  And you want to do it while still enjoying all the blessings God has shared with you.

An Engaged Marriage Approach to Getting Things Done

In the first post in this series, we talked about the amazing opportunity you have to enhance your quality of life and your marriage through a specific, but simple, approach to self improvement.

Then earlier this week, I shared how this same approach literally transformed my life and my relationship with my wife Bethany, and then we began to refine it and teach it to friends and then private coaching clients with great success.

Today, I want to briefly share with you why this system, which I affectionately call “Time to Thrive” (formerly Go Improve Yourself!), works especially well for busy couples and exactly how you can take advantage of it in your life.

If you’ve been around Engaged Marriage for a while, you know that this community is all about living intentionally and making your marriage a top priority in what is surely a very full and busy life.  We often present ideas that you can use in just 15 minutes or less to spark some romance, improve your financial situation or ramp up the intimacy with your spouse (and much more).

It’s really all about focusing on what’s most important and taking baby steps to make real progress towards your goals with only a small investment of your precious time.

So, let’s say you could only manage to invest 15-30 minutes a few times per week to achieve something important to you.  What could you really accomplish in such a short time?

Here are just a few examples of REAL results that have been enjoyed by me and my clients using the exact system I’m going to share with you below:

  • Paid off over $1,000 of debt in the first month – and then paid off $54,500 over three years to become debt free
  • In less than 30 days, transformed the quality of communication in their marriage to go from feeling like sterile roommates to feeling passionately in love again.
  • Began exercising regularly and feeling full of energy in just a few weeks, and kept up the momentum to lose over 30 pounds in 90 days – and kept it off for over a year and counting.
  • Created a new online side business that turned a profit the first month and has since generated four figures a month on a very part-time basis.

Keep in mind that each of these goals were identified after the process was started (during Step 1) based on an initial questionnaire that helps clarify the first and top priority to address.

This short self-assessment can often be life-changing itself as you think about the six key areas of your life – Financial, Physical, Family, Spiritual, Social, and Career – and choose where to start.

And if you think that finding even 15 minutes is a tall order, then you’ll love what we have in store for you.  Go Improve Yourself won’t just help you find clarity on what’s most important and lay out a specific plan to get it, but it will show you how to find the time and motivation to make it happen.

The Hard Truth about Accomplishing What You Want

The reality is that achieving the biggest goals in your life requires two equally important things:

  1. An awesome plan
  2. Actually DOING the plan

You wanna know where most people fail?  That would be point #2.

I’m sure you can think of (*ahem*) a few New Year’s resolutions that didn’t quite get resolved.  You had great intentions, and I’m sure your goals were very achievable.

But you probably didn’t have a solid plan for success, and you ultimately failed to actually do what was required.

It’s time for that to change.

Introducing “Time to Thrive: Time Management & Goal Achievement that Will Work for YOU”

I will share all of the details about Time to Thrive next week when we open the doors and welcome in 50 members that I will personally be leading to new levels of success in 2013.

In a nutshell, this is a small, private group coaching program for those looking to achieve new levels of success in 2013.

I will lead you through the creation of a success plan for the year, help you select the one big goal you want to accomplish first, and then work alongside you to kick start your progress for the first 30 days.

Your focus can be in any area of your life: marriage, career, finances, fitness, spiritual life or anything else. The key is that you WILL see results in an area that’s important to YOU in our 30 days together.

The program will follow the 5 step achievement process I outlined previously:

1. Assess & Choose

2. The Big Why

3. Get SMART

4. Master Your Time

5. Do It for Life

Immediately upon joining, I’ll send you a quick-and-simple guide to review where you are right now and help you choose the area of your life you’d most like to improve first.  You can do this at your own pace over the Christmas holiday since we won’t officially start until the first week of January (and if you already know where you want to focus, then you’re all set).

We’ll then spend a week on each of the final four steps.  Each week, I’ll share action-oriented worksheets for you to complete, and then we’ll have a group coaching call once per week where I will teach you first-hand and then answer ANY and ALL questions you have.

These calls will sometimes include guest experts, and they will always be fun and focused on making sure you succeed.  Every call will be recorded as well, so if you can’t make it, you can listen at your leisure.

In addition to the action guides, worksheets and no-holds-barred live weekly calls, you’ll also have access to a private discussion area.  Inside, you can ask questions and get answers right away from me and your fellow members.  This is a fantastic way to stay accountable, excited and inspired!

[NOTE: This program has been refined and modified so you can join at any time and progress at your own pace.  You can check out the all-new Time to Thrive right here!]

By the end of January, you’ll be well on your way to accomplishing your first big goal of 2013 – and you’ll have all the tools and confidence to ensure you make 2013 the absolute best year of your life!

By the way, I’m going to complete Time to Thrive right alongside you.  I’ll be spending the holidays choosing my own area of focus, and I’ll share my success actions each week on our calls and in our private member’s area.  I want to not only tell you but SHOW you how to make it happen.

I’d love to hear from you about how this plan could help you most. In the comments section of this blog post, tell me…

  • Why you think Time to Thrive (formerly Go Improve Yourself) can help you improve your life and your marriage in 2013 and beyond.

Are You Ready to Enjoy More Quality Time?

I am excited to let you know that our new course “Time to Thrive” is now available for you! You can click here to go check out all the details for yourself and get signed up to learn how you can enjoy an extra hour of quality time each day.

Time to Thrive

Dec 11

My Journey from an Overwhelmed Ball of Stress to a Happy & Super Productive Husband

By Dustin | Communication

Our Happy Marriage TodayI want to share a little story.

I hope by giving you an idea of where we’ve been in our marriage, you’ll see why I’m so passionate about the opportunity I wrote about in our last post.

More than that, I hope you’ll see what’s possible in your own life as we head toward the New Year.

A few years back, I was living the typical modern American lifestyle in all the worst ways.

I was 35 pounds overweight and walking around feeling like I’d been kicked in the stomach.  I wasn’t sleeping well and my unwelcome companion was a constant state of stress.

I was working long hours at a job that didn’t appreciate my talents and spending more than we brought in in two professional careers.  I’ll never forget the day we decided to add it all up to realize that we were $54,500 in debt, not including our mortgage.

It was scary to think that we’d amassed that much of a financial burden, mostly before our first son had came along.

I’m sad to say that I was a little fearful of what we would do when our next child came along.  The sad truth is that I spent more time worrying about “what-ifs” than I did appreciating our new baby and all the wonderful blessings in our life.

Bethany and I had always had a great relationship going all the way back to our high school days.  Yet, even that was starting to suffer under the weight of the stress we were feeling.

We were not communicating well, and it was not unusual for our conversations to end in tears.  We rarely spent any quality time together as a couple and our intimacy suffered.  This was not the marriage we wanted.

In short, I was feeling overwhelmed and out of control of my schedule.  I felt like I never had time to make any meaningful progress in any area of my life – we were just too busy.

The idea of “self improvement” seemed a little silly, like a luxury to be enjoyed by those with plenty of time and money.

Fast forward a few years to now – I’m writing on a popular marriage blog to teach others how to get more from life and I’m a huge proponent of self-improvement for busy couples – how’s that for crazy?!?

I shared a list of accomplishments in the last post, but simply listing “goals achieved” like writing books, paying off debt and teaching at a university fails to capture the real change we experienced in that time.

If you could quantify the emotions in my life and my marriage as a snapshot, the before-and-after would look like night and day.

Stressed, out of control and worried gave way to happy, fulfilled and content.  When you consider that this change happened in both Bethany and me, it’s easy to see how it impacts our kids as well.

(By the way, in that time, we went from having one child to three and certainly have more activities on our schedule – so it’s not simply about “doing less” as you might assume).

So, What Caused the Big Change?

As you may know, I’m an engineer by training – to the point of getting a Master’s degree and teaching engineering at a university.  I like to solve problems.

Well, you can imagine how frustrating it was to feel like I had no control over my life – my time, my money, even my emotions at times.  Engineering FAIL.

In the wake of adding up our debt burden, I decided to do something about it.  I started off devouring everything I could find on paying off debt and quickly fell in love with the message of Dave Ramsey.

I love his baby steps approach to financial peace, and I realized that what I needed was a baby steps approach to improving my life and my marriage.  I needed a real, practical way to get control of my time, get more of what mattered done, and enjoy a high quality of life.

I’ll spare you the details (I don’t need to write a third book here), but after reaching that low point, I spent more than two years researching, reading and investing in coaching and mentorship.  I became obsessed with learning and testing methods for time management, productivity boosting and achieving meaningful goals in very limited time.

It was only after I combined all of my new learning with my engineering background that I started to see a process emerge.  And it became clear that the same small, simple steps could be applied to pretty much any area of my life with minor tweaks.

I started with my fitness and saw great results and new healthy habits that actually stuck around.  I then decided to focus on improving the communication in our marriage, which is outlined in the introduction of my first book 15 Minute Marriage Makeover.

I found that this change was repeatable in my life, and I guided Bethany through the process as well.

She first focused on enjoying more exercise, then more social time with her friends, then a better parenting experience.  Her focus changed over time, but the process did not – she simply followed the same five steps and applied them to the area of her life she most wanted to improve at that time.

Eventually, our friends began to notice how much fun we seemed to be having (despite our super busy schedules) and asked what was going on.  So, I shared my approach with several of them and answered their questions as they got into it.

And it worked!

From saving more money to getting more engaged in their faith life to starting a side business, our friends were following the system and reaching big goals in as little as a month.

Once they had been through the process once with my help, they were able to repeat the five steps and improve another area of their lives.  A few people told me I should be a “life coach” and help busy people achieve big goals.

However, I wasn’t interested in a career change.  I love my job as an engineering manager, and I already have an outlet for helping busy couples through both Engaged Marriage and Fit Marriage.  The idea of full-time life coaching just didn’t appeal much to me.

You’ll see that I don’t publicly offer coaching anywhere on this site, actually.  But I’ve had several private clients who have reached out to me that I’ve helped on a one-on-one basis.

Honestly, I have led them through the same process to achieve whatever outcome they desired.  They paid a lot of money, and it required a lot of my time to lead them individually through the system, but it worked really well.

After a lot of thought, I’ve decided to share this process with you by leading a group from our community through the system to kick off the New Year.  The program will be called Go Improve Yourself and I’ll have more details to share very soon.

It’s Simple but Not Always Easy

In closing, I want to be sure that I’m totally transparent here.

The truth is that I still struggle from time-to-time with losing focus on my priorities, which leads right away to stress and a lower quality of life. When you’re busy, it can be a bit of a slippery slope.

Fortunately, I now know the cure, and I can quickly get back on track by following the 5 Simple Steps I laid out in my previous post.

Here’s the real beauty that I found through working with my friends and private clients – which area of your life you choose to focus on improving at any given time isn’t nearly as important as the process that follows!  

So, as part of Step 1 (Assess & Choose), you might decide to focus on increasing exercise or adding more romance to your relationship, and your path forward would certainly be different based on that choice.

Your specific outcome would be different, too, since you’ll accomplish the goals you lay out in Step 3.  But the fact is that following the Five Steps focused on any one area will actually improve every part of your life, especially your marriage.

And it’s totally repeatable.

Once you’re satisfied that you’ve met your exercise goals and made them a healthy habit in your life, you can choose to focus on romance for the next month.  These actions build on each other, and the system is designed to ensure they don’t take too much time.

Anyway, the best way to learn the system and ensure that it works for you is to be lead, step-by-step through it the first time.  I’ve seen the dramatic results that follow, and I’ll share some examples in our next post.

In that post, I’ll also share more details about the group I’ll be leading through Time to Thrive to kick off the new year.  And be sure to stay tuned because I’ll also tell you how you can get in.

Want to see the rest of the posts in this series? Here you go!

1. The #1 Key to an Amazing Marriage & Life

2. My Journey from an Overwhelmed Ball of Stress to a Happy & Super Productive Husband

3. How to Do More of What Matters In Your Life

Are You Ready to Enjoy More Quality Time?

I am excited to let you know that our new course “Time to Thrive” is now available for you! You can click here to go check out all the details for yourself and get signed up to learn how you can enjoy an extra hour of quality time each day.

Time to Thrive

Dec 05

The #1 Key to an Amazing Marriage & Life

By Dustin | Communication

You hold the key to everything you want for your marriage, your family and your life.

In this post, I’d like to share with you how to make it happen.

We hear often about the many ways to improve your marriage.

You might hear that it’s all about open communication, a healthy handling of money, a strong faith life, great physical fitness, regular sex.

No doubt, these are all parts of a good marriage.  If you could simply snap your fingers and instantly have them, life would be grand.

Of course, the reality is that you already feel way too stretched for time – you work a demanding job, you may have children to take care of, there are bills to pay this week and shopping to get done before Christmas (and more bills to follow).

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, and you haven’t even considered doing anything fun and fulfilling with your husband or wife.

It can all seem a bit daunting.  Trust me, you are not alone in your desire to do more and have more and enjoy more in your married life.

So, What CAN You Do When You’re So Busy?

I’d like you to read a little list and consider for just a moment that this describes your life.

Now, there are surely things on this list that you have no interest in doing, so just replace that item with something that’s important to you.

  • You have a happy marriage and you’re excited about your future together.
  • You have small children who respect you and love to play with you.
  • You are involved with many activities alongside your kids.
  • You are fulfilled at work and receive praise from your boss for the growth you’ve brought to your company.
  • You often visit family and friends and enjoy at least one great vacation each year.
  • You feel connected to God, and your children are actively learning your faith.
  • You give freely of your time, talent and treasure to community-building organizations that you believe in.
  • You are debt-free and have a fully funded emergency fund.
  • You have written two books that share your message with the world.
  • You have started two side businesses that each generate five figures of revenue each year.
  • You are in the best physical condition of your life, and you just ran an endurance race that you’ve dreamed of completing.
  • You read lots of interesting and inspiring books.
  • You are in control of your time, and you wake up each day full of motivation and clear focus.
  • You have a Mission in life and you are making steady progress at achieving it.

That’s a lot of great stuff, right?!?

Well, that’s a partial list of the things I’ve accomplished in the last three years.

I don’t say that to brag at all – and trust me when I say that my life used to be a basic mess with NO chance to accomplish these kinds of goals (more on that in my next post).

No, I share this only to show you what’s possible in your own life and in your own marriage.  The opportunities ahead of you are amazing.

Here’s How to Have the Marriage of Your Dreams

Now, you might look at that list of accomplishments and see many items that aren’t related to marriage.  Health, spiritual life, money…what gives?

Our lives are holistic.  What you do in one area of your life impacts all other areas of your life.  And this is never more true than in your marriage.

Everything in your life affects your marriage.  And your marriage impacts every aspect of your life.

Please take a moment to consider that fact.  It’s super important and it holds a lot of promise for you and your spouse.

So here’s the big secret – the key to an amazing marriage is a little something called personal improvement.

When you improve yourself, you’ll improve your marriage and all aspects of your family life.  This is especially true when you accomplish a big goal in an area that you’re currently struggling with.

  • You lose 50 pounds – and you’re more energetic, full of self-confidence and just happy – don’t you think your husband would notice?
  • You pay off all of your credit cards – and you finally have money leftover at the end of the month for date night – wouldn’t that mean the world to your wife?
  • You get control of your hectic schedule and set aside 15 minutes each and every day to sit down and talk – how much more intimacy would you both enjoy in your marriage each night?

Take a moment to consider an area of your life that you’d like to improve, and you’ll quickly realize that your marriage will be better when you make that positive change.

Sounds Great, But…

Hopefully, you recognize the power of improving yourself and what it means to your marriage and family.  But the real question is HOW to actually make it happen.

Again, you are busy and maybe you’ve tried to make a similar change in the past and failed.  New Year’s resolutions, anyone?

Here’s the best news of all.  You really can make the change you want, and I’m going to help you.

The basic process is actually really simple.  In fact, I’m going to lay it out for you in 5 simple steps right now.

 5 Simple Steps to Success

1. Assess & Choose

One key to personal improvement is to focus on one area of your life at a time…just one.  So in the first step, you’ll want to assess where you are in all six areas of your life, then pick the one you want to enjoy more success in first.

2. The Big Why

Before you jump into making a change, it’s vital that you first get your mindset in the right place and drill down why this is such a good thing for you and your marriage.  This makes it easy to stay motivated and stick to your plan.

3. Get SMART

Simply put, this is goal setting on steroids.  When you set goals the right way, you’ll be making progress right away and enjoying every small (and large) victory from day one.

4. Master Your Time

This is my favorite part.  By applying a few “time-tested” strategies, you will enjoy much more time and margin in your life.  I still remember the first time I did this and felt my stress level drop almost immediately (more on that later).

5. Do It for Life

Meeting even the most amazing goal is pretty worthless if you go right back to your old ways.  The good news is that living intentionally and making your new accomplishment a habit in your life is really straightforward (and kinda fun).

That’s simple enough, right?  This is totally something that you can accomplish, and you’re going to be so thankful when you do.

This is the general framework for how to accomplish anything you want in your life, and it’s been proven to work time and time again.

In fact, when applied the right way, you can meet life-changing goals in as little as 30 days.

Please be sure to check back to read our next post, because I’m going to share more details about how to put these 5 simple steps into action in your life so you can accomplish exactly what matters most to you.  This is powerful information.

And I’ll share a personal story that I’ve never revealed on this blog before to show you what’s possible.

Take the First Step Right Now

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